From settlement to present time

Reykjavik is the oldest settlement in Iceland. In the year 874 Ingolfur Arnarsson as the first settlers here domiciled. The city grew in the Middle Ages  very slowly, In 1786, Reykjavik officially gained the status of a city. In 1918 Reykjavík became the capital of the former kingdom Iceland which was under the Danish crown at the time. After the population explosion in the postwar years Reykjavik experienced a never-ending change. The city conformed idiosyncratic in its own way to the pressure for change. Historic wooden and stone houses coexist with modern steel, glass and concrete structures. Building types and different eras of architecture show the different time zones and  the graphic development of Reykjavik .


The city tour on foot takes place in the heart of Reykjavik and draws a line from the first settlement  to the modern buildings downtown. From the settlement to the  present day is a journey of more than 1100 years, which shows the urban development of the city. The architectural development is presented in the oldest settlement areas in Reykjavík based on selected key buildings such as the Town Hall, Parliament House, the art collection or the concert hall.


- Two hour guided tour on foot, about 2 km

- Meeting point: Tourist Information Ingólfstorg


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